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House Flipping Case Studies

by Jon Ochs on July 16, 2012

Over the next few months we will be going through all our past house flips and put together a case study post for each one. These case studies will give you the following for each house we have flipped:

  • Before and after photos
  • Details on the financials
  • Commentary and lessons learned

The problem we have with the information that popular TV shows and other house flipping courses provide is that they don't share all the important information and give misleading figures for how much money was actually made in the deal.

For example, in a recent episode of "Flip This House", they stated that a property was purchased for $136,000, the renovations cost was $42,000, they sold it for $223,000 and made a profit of $45,000. This is complete nonsense!

The important figures they left out were:

  • Finance costs (if the house was purchased with borrowed money)
  • Holding costs (Taxes, Insurance, utilities, loan pmts, etc.)
  • Realtor Fees (This is going to be 5% of sales price in most areas)

The realtor fees alone on this deal are $11,150. If you are sick and tired of only getting half the story, you are going to love our case studies. We will be sharing the good and the bad, since the bad ones are the ones you learn the most from.

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